Sunday, July 18, 2010

Heroine > Villain

I don't root for the killer. When I was 6 years-old, I clutched my pillow tight hoping that pretty Ginny girl would kill that mean sack head guy. I clearly recall pumping my fist, yelling "YES!" when Laurie skewered Michael with a knitting needle (I was pretty paralyzed with fear that she might die when we got to the coat hanger). Years later as a (physical) grown-up, I was just as excited to watch Sidney lay the smack down on a myriad of Ghostfaces.

As far as I'm concerned, there is far too much hero worship going on for sadistic villains. I admire those who step up and end those reigns of terror (for however short-lived that may be) and wanted to honor them. I saw this awesome set of pop-artish vector posters done for superheroes somewhere (No, I can NOT vague it up anymore) and the idea for these ladies was immediate. I hope to do more and did start Laurie Strode last night but I'm kinda spent on them at the moment. The ebbs and flows are my routine with every artistic endeavor but Stretch's chainsaw really took it outta me!

For now, here are four of my most favoritest heroines of all the times!


A Printer Darkly said...

WOW! Dude. WOW.

Pretty much all I got. These are awesome! Love the style, love the subject, love the quotes with them. I want them as posters.

A great way to honor the women of horror without making them cheesecake pin ups.

Guess it wasn't all I had. lol

Bett said...

Fantastic! I love vector pop art and these are no exception. The attention to detail (Nancy's pj pattern, Stretch's bedazzled top) is superb.

I second the desire for posters.

Anonymous said...

saw these on deviant art but I don't have an account so I had to come here to comment. I really love them and think they'd made great posters too. Also think its cool to see the women of horror getting tribute. I hope you make more.

Anonymous said...

Those are soooo awesome! Great picks with Ginny, Sidney, Nancy, and Stretch!
Be great to not only have posters, but make trading cards with the bio of the character on the back, shoot, I'd buy either!
Are you planning to do any other heroines? I would like to nominate Kirsty Cotton of Hellraiser "You can go to hell!"
Dreaded Dreams
Petunia Scareum

Daniel Danny Dan said...

I agree with all that!

Thank ye folks, I am glad you enjoy. It was a fun idea and I hope to crank out a few more before I'm completely over it. ;)

@Printer: Honoring them was a big part of the motivation. I love seeing an artist's interpretation of favorite characters but I don't dig Maxim type pin-ups for women that would most likely never pose like that.

@Pete: Now why'd you have to go and say trading cards?... Like I need another project! =) I have to finish Laurie first but Kirsty would be an awesome addition.

Anonymous said...

LOL...well, I figure if they can make Horror Hosts trading cards, why not these? ;-)
Can't wait to see Laurie when she's done and one day Kirsty if you decide to add her!
Dreaded Dreams
Petunia Scareum

LoveMarq said...

I really like these and you know I already share your same thoughts here.

Its always been funny to me how the villain in these movies gets the the attention, not that they deserve to have none but I mean did you see Nancy??? Did you see Ginny??? I promise you these women were there and serving up beatdowns

I can't wait to see your Laurie. Hey what about Jess? Maybe she could be holding the phone?

Sadako said...

These are awesome! Not super familiar with horror movies so I had to google a couple of them but very nice!

Shamos said...

LOVE your art & blog! Were we separated at birth? Both aspiring filmmakers who love the same things, too eerie. For proof check out my tumblr- Shameful Clutter.

Now howsabout CHRIS HIGGINS with her axe (Dana Kimmell) for your FINAL GIRL Series...
"No! You CAN'T be alive!"