Friday, July 2, 2010

20 Actresses... Plus 10.

I saw that Final Girl was being Stacie Ponder again and resurrected a long dormant meme and I got all stupid-like about it. Mostly because it meant I had an actual topic to post after a few dry weeks and even better, a super easy one; Which is what kinda had me excited about it. I'm all about quick and easy these days.

Yes, I mean that exactly how you think.

20 Actresses? Pfft. Lemme rattle 'em off to you in quick succession. Would you like that in order of overall preference, emotional connection, range of talent, level of obsession, alphabetically… Wait. I'm sub-categorizing again; The blight upon my concise and structured methods! All right, the blight on my paltry attempts to be concise and structured.

Give me a list to create and I will have twenty new ones born from it before completing the original and while typing this I just thought about how to make THAT into another list I must be stopped someone help me and we're back.

Like any choice to be made, I see far too many options. Is the list about who I think are truly the most talented? Well, what about those with perhaps a more, confined range, that have struck gold in one or two roles that will forever stay with me? What about the gals that seem to have been playing the same character throughout their careers but dammit, I really love that character? Are there special conditions for body of work? Am I giving tenure? Don't you see, I just want to include everyone!... Ultimately, I'm about love.

Anyway. I've decided that since this mental defect can be used to create future lists – and I've clearly typed enough words for an acceptable entry – I'm going shut it up to go with the overall favorite approach. Those who combine some talent with a varied career, key roles, considerable presence, a lil fabulosity and that certain something I connect(ed) with… Along with an extra Top Ten To Watch! What?! I'm leaving out the ten honorable mentions! Cut me some slack, I am working with this brain.

In (mostly) no particular order:

... and ten to grow on:

Share any? Shocked by any? Name 'em all without hovering? 

Who are your 20?... No, just 20. One addendum per blog! HA!


A Printer Darkly said...

I'm surprised I actually knew almost all of them except Elizabeth. But since her face is partly obscured I don't feel that bad. The newbies I didn't do so well on. Think that just means I prefer the classics. :)

Daniel Danny Dan said...

That you did worse with the newbies speaks highly to your character... Or perhaps it just shows your age. Either way, good on ya! ;)

Elizabeth Banks, in case ya still didn't know. If you're still not familiar, please do become so. She is worth it!

Shamos said...

Farrah Fawcett
Rachel McAdams
Lori Loughlin
Angela Bassett
Martha Plimpton
Krista Tesreau
Pam Grier
Sharon Tate
Julianne Moore
Claudia Jennings
Sara Rue
Parker Posey
Kathleen Wilhoite
Rachel Weisz
Faye Grant
Jane Fonda
Thandie Newton
Debra Winger
Dana Kimmell
Jodie Foster
Paget Brewster
Lynda Carter
Lindsay Wagner
Madchen Amick
Sherilyn Fenn
Sherry Stringfield
Rachael Taylor

Ditto to your picks of:
Emma Stone
Rutina Wesley
Toni Collette
Madeline Khan
Sandra Bullock
Meryl Streep

Bored at work, sorry