Thursday, June 3, 2010

No Need For Applause, But I Do Accept Gifts

Trailblazer that I am, I figured this internet journaling phenomenon is bound to take off sooner or later so I'd better get in on the ground floor... I can't explain it, I just seem to have a sense for these things.

Nine years after signing up for my first blog account (and creating about six or seven more since) seemed like a good time for me to really give it a go. Ya know, the ole college try by actually writing something this time. I'm still not quite sure as to what is different now or what is happening in my life (or perhaps it's the lack of said happenings?) but dammit, I made a banner and that alone is gonna tether me here for a few months at least!

I don't anticipate much deep introspection or woe in need of nurturing (not when Facebook status updates are so awesome for THAT!) but I'm not sure what you'll get, exactly. I certainly won't guarantee the best sentence structure, I'm a big fan of parentheses, absolutely adore alliteration and love little more than abusing ellipsis but hopefully you'll be entertained enough to not care... ? I hope so because I don't have enough people in my life that I can force to come here and comment to sufficiently feed my ego.

This was almost a horror blog, (and could quite organically morph into one at some point) so there'll be plenty of that business going on. It isn't one right now, however, because I feel that niche is ridiculously represented around here from so many angles. Ridiculous is good, btw. Also, my geek joy/rage extends equally to Dazzler*> Superheroines> Superheroes> Comic Books as well as other films, music, select television, an assortment of video games and books and one or five pop divas. Yes, this is a gay place. Granted, you might be prone to a double take on occasion as you'll no doubt find more gushing over the amazing women in film, music and literature than, well, my doing a lot of that over men.

Take note of how the faceless man torso above is eclipsed by the myriad of female figures and... Ye know... Faceless. Fun with Freud!

With that, hop on and let the games begin!

You'll be so glad you did when I'm way famous.

*= Not really so equal with Dazzler as she trumps everything in the universe. You'll see.


James said...

Very funny stuff, man. Just signed up to blogger, hoping to start my own soon and just found yours. It's definitely an early favorite. I look forward to more!

Bett said...

If this is how things start I am glad I'm hopping aboard now. You may not promise proper sentence structure but you were right about it being entertaining. U sher rite gud!

Welcome and best of luck. I hope you maintain it because you're kind of fun. ;-)

Kenn Galati said...

Already three blog posts in!!! We'll I think it is wonderful you are back into the blog swing of things sharing your unique perspective with the cyber universe. It goes without typing I look forward to the success of this blog site.

Daniel Danny Dan said...

Thank you all. I'm positively agog over the compliments... especially since I didn't force two of the three comments! Welcome James and Bett, I hope you find enough here to pass as moderate entertainment and hang out often.

... Clearly Kenn is the one I've forced here. ;)