Friday, June 4, 2010

Magniflorious: Origins

Seems like this is something I should've explained in the intro, but I didn't. So, I'm doing it now. It's for you, ya know. I know where the word comes from. I don't have to do this. I could leave you hanging, wondering at random intervals throughout the day soon consuming your every thought, waking you up at night (if you even get to sleep!) until the slow descent into madness causes your friends/family/society to shun you, and openly mock because you're going to look like a freeeeak, until you can take no more, and I dunno... die.

Okay then.

As splendiferous a word magniflorious is, its creation is not of my brain. No, it comes to us from the brilliant, twisted, and therefore naturally cancelled before its time, television show Better Off Ted. Magniflorious was among its bountiful quotables... Though one of the few I can call up 'cause I just don't have that kinda recall for film and T.V. dialogue. I quickly adopted it to describe everything good, e.g., This cereal is magniflorious, "You found a quarter? Magniflorious!" Fellow BOT fans always chuckle while those not in the know always ask "What? What does that mean? Spell it." In that order. Always.

Fortunately for those around me I've since refined my use. I now use it for everything really good. By all means, take it as your own. Spread it around. You'll feel, say it with me, magniflorious!


Kenn Galati said...

When season 2 becomes availible I need to just get both seasons and do a marathon of a brilliant show that never got its due.

I love your ownership of the word and its super positive spin on it. Another magniflorious post!!!

LoveMarq said...

Hmmmmmmmm I am thinking of ways of adding this to my vocab, like a thief in the night!

Daniel Danny Dan said...

By all means, spread it around! It's joy is no longer mine alone.

Anonymous said...

This post is truly magniflorious.