Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 Frightful Femmes - Nancy

Wow. That Wendy entry was really freakin' long, huh? Yeah, that can't keep happening. I'm not one of those writers whose words flow effortlessly from the brain and down to the finger tips, creating exquisite prose on the screen. Shit, it took six minutes to get this far and the results are pretty clear. Can you imagine if I just let go, typing with abandon? They've locked away serial killers with less evidence of crazy.

I've got to scale back. Bad enough I disappeared for nearly two years lost all of my posts from the last two years and still decided to take on a daily writing task - don't think I didn't consider deleting that proud proclamation - but I've got things to do and not enough focus to do it. So, today's entry is a bit of a cop out but it's not a complete bail. As if I could do that to Nancy. All the info needed on why she is made up up of equal parts fantabulous, amazible and of course, magniflorious can be found in my earlier entry about why I Would Save Her. Try not to experience feelings, I daaare you!

Also, watch A Nightmare On Elm Street and tell me it isn't completely her movie. Freddy is merely the flashy set piece that spruces up her world ohmigod that was a wretched analogy... Metaphor? See, I'm gonna go.

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